Code Enforcement

General Information

If you observe a violation with abandoned vehicles, junk, weeds, or other issues, report them to our Code Compliance or Police Department by submitting an Action/Comment Form.

Placement of Non-Vehicles in the Public Right-of-Way

  • West Richland Municipal Code 10.12.045 prohibits non-vehicles from being parked, placed, piled, or stored on any city street, sidewalk, alley, or within an improved portion of the public right-of-way. Some examples of these would be dumpsters, storage containers, rocks or dirt, basketball hoops, and hockey nets. The ordinance was passed not only because they create traffic hazards for vehicles and pedestrians, but they can also damage roads.
  • Citizens may apply for a special permit to temporarily allow a "non-vehicle" to be placed, parked, piled, or stored on a city street, sidewalk, alley, or in an improved portion of the public right-of-way. The fee for the permit is $75 and may be applied for in the Public Works building.
  • If you have questions, please call the Police Department at 967-3425.

Property Maintenance

Please clean up weeds, junk, and debris. Property maintenance requires extra time and effort to make your property look nice, but it is quite rewarding. There are some things that are often overlooked:

  • One is the easement attached to your property, (i.e., next to streets, sidewalks, alleyways, or just on the other side of your fence.) These areas are to be maintained by the property owner by keeping them free of trash, debris, unsightly nuisances, and weeds (or trimmed to six inches or less) per West Richland Municipal Code (WRMC) 8.16.030.
  • Another common issue is irrigation sprinklers going over sidewalks or roadways. Sprinkler heads need to be adjusted or blocked to keep the water on the intended property per WRMC 8.16.030.
  • City-wide surveys report that taxpayers take pride in their neighborhoods and feel that our city has excellent public safety and other services. If you observe a violation with abandoned vehicles, junk, weeds, or other issues, report them to our Code Compliance or Police Department by submitting an Action/Comment Form.

Common Nuisance Code Violations

  • Grass and Weeds Over 6 inches Tall - WRMC 8.16.030
    • Specific nuisances - Vegetation and debris unkempt properties or dilapidated structures
  • Irrigation Water on City Streets - WRMC 12.06.020
    • No person, firm, or corporation shall cause or permit any irrigation water to fall upon any maintained City street or portion thereof in the city of West Richland
  • Cleaning of sidewalks or right-of-ways - WRMC 12.20.030
    • Sidewalk obstructions from trees and bushes or weeds. And right-of-ways free of debris, weeds, or grass in excess of 6 inches tall
  • Junk Vehicles - WRMC 8.16.035
    • Junk Vehicles must be out of public view and are defined as having at least three of the five following criteria: 
      • Three years old or older 
      • Extensively damaged
      • Apparently inoperable
      • Expired registration/license
      • Scrap value only
  • RV, Trailer, and Large Vehicle Parking - WRMC 10.12.020, 10.12.025, 10.12.030
    • Large Vehicles shall not exceed 12 hours in a 24-hour period
    • RVs shall not exceed 36 hours in a 7-day period
    • Trailers shall not exceed 24 hours in a 7-day period

Cleaning & Maintenance of Sidewalks & Rights-of-Way

  • West Richland Municipal Code 12.20.030, "Sidewalk snow and ice removal," states, It shall be the duty of all property owners or persons having charge or control of any premises bordered by city right-of-way to clean, maintain, and repair public sidewalks, driveways, or planting strips constructed thereon in a reasonable and safe condition.
  • Residents are responsible for maintaining sidewalks and driveways adjacent to their property.
  • Snow removal is also covered under section 12.20.030 of the Municipal Code as part of the owners' duties of side-walk maintenance during the winter months.